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Plastic Ocean

August 27, 2018

Plastic Ocean

One study shows that the ocean contains more than 150 million tons of plastic already and 8 million tons are added every year, which is like putting a dump truck full of plastic into the ocean every day.

One study predicted that the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 if the current “Plastic Ocean” issue isn’t addressed. 

Plastic is one of the biggest components in marine trash.

It’s also much more dangerous than it probably sounds.

If every fishing boat was removed from the ocean, this would protect turtles and fish from getting tangled in nets and other gear, but removing ever fishing boat isn’t that practical! 

What’s scary is that even if we could, we would still be fighting an entirely losing battle as fish, birds, and turtles would eat or be caught in plastic and die.

This is a preventable problem.Plastic Ocean Sandy Ripple Blog

People who live along coastlines or go to the beach for vacation are responsible for a good portion of the plastic in the ocean.

Bottles, bags, straws and six-pack rings are tossed on the beach or directly in the water.

Plastic toys and beach accessories are abandoned and drift away.

Birds, sea turtles and other marine life eat or get caught in these plastic items. 

Sea Turtle Eating Plastic Ocean Sandy Ripple Blog

Companies add to the problem even more.

Major companies that produce items in plastic or that manufacture plastic itself are responsible for using the oceans as garbage dumps or allowing plastic contaminants to escape into the ocean.

It may appear that we’ve covered all of the issues with the plastic ocean, but we still haven’t. Plastic disintegrates slowly but doesn’t become a part of the natural ocean floor. Tiny degraded particles swirl in the water itself. These plastic particles are ingested by birds, fish, and turtles and are in the digestive systems of all marine and shore animals.

Even if these animals were to avoid the plastic itself, they are poisoned by the toxins in the plastic.

If we all want clean seas instead of destroyed oceans in the next few years, we will all have to work together to clean up the plastic ocean.

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