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Why Sea Turtle T-Shirts?

July 23, 2018

Why Sandy Ripple Chose Sea Turtle T-Shirts

Sea turtles are wonderful creatures that make enormous contributions to our world. Sea turtles go back as far as 150 million years ago, meaning they roamed the earth with ancient dinosaurs! These ancient genera of turtles were different from the turtles we are more familiar with today. Sea turtles and tortoises are all part of the order Testudines. Most are in the family Cheloniidae. 

When It Started

As a kid, I remember picking up two turtles as my first pets and they were just slightly bigger than a quarter when I first received them. They came in a plastic container, but I knew this was insufficient for them to live a happy life. Although I did my research before hand and learned how to always take great care of them, I had no idea how much work was truly involved. After I learned everything about red eared sliders, I placed them both in a huge tank with controlled temperature, filtration, and everything else they needed. Even after learning everything I could about them and owning the two turtles one thing I didn't realize was a turtle will grow very quickly and will require more space and more food as they grow older. Turtles grow very quickly and soon enough, they will outgrow the tank, if you're not ready.

Typically, a pet turtle will require 10 gallons per 1" of shell meaning once they reach adulthood, about 9-12", they'll need a 100 gallon aquarium.

Funny thing was, I'm almost certain the person selling these cute little turtles had no clue how big they would get, what they needed to be happy, or even how long they would actually live.

Why Sea Turtles?

Of course, even though sea turtles and terrapins have their similarities, they are also very different, but my love for terrapins found its way to also love and appreciate all types of sea turtles as well. When I was younger I had no idea so many species of turtles were in such danger. Looking back now, its clear not only sea turtles but even the terrapins were taken advantage of.

Sea turtles, as well as terrapins are beautiful creatures to just watch and observe. With our collection of sea turtle t-shirts you can help bring awareness to something many people aren't even conscious of, being that 6 out of 7 species of sea turtles are facing a great danger of becoming extinct. Us humans can attribute a lot of that harm to ourselves, whether its poachers, our careless trash pollution, or just from our own ignorance.

What Sandy Ripple Does Today

Today our goal is to be a resource and help more people become informed. Those of us already aware love to show our support for saving the turtles, by wearing our stylish turtle tee shirts, sea turtle hats and caps, and other Sandy Ripple gear. We truly believe wearing one of these shirts can send a powerful message. It just takes one person to cause the ripple that forms the tides.

We hope you join us and become someone who is helping us cause a greater impact in protecting our oceans from pollution, in the efforts of removing sea turtles from the endangered list.

If you love colorful shirts, you might want to check out our Tortuga Pequeña collection (spanish for small turtle) featuring gorgeous sea turtle inspired designs. Of course, nothing shows your love for sea turtles more than some t-shirts adorned with a cute turtle inspired design!  

Thank you for being so awesome, and contributing to causes that support turtles with your own turtle tees! ✌🏼

Sandy Ripple Sea Turtle Tee Shirts

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