Energy - Stone Elastic Bracelet

In life there are highs and lows. Wear these beautiful bracelets with vibrant colors as a reminder to live your best life. What are your colors?

  • The color of balance and goodness. Known to represent purity. Every necklace contains white to remind us to stay humble and true to ourself when we are on top, and to keep us pushing ahead when we are at a low.
  • The color blue is known for having the greatest healing power. Known to bring peacefulness and soothing. Blue is the color of purity.
  • The color green represents life, renewal, and energy. Known to represent growth, harmony, and freshness. Green is the color of wealth and abundance.
  • The color red represents the strong feeling of passion, love, and desire. Red is the color of emotion.
  • The color of sunshine. Yellow produces a warming effect. Yellow is the color of joy and intellect.
  • The color of mystery.  Black is the color of power & elegance. Sometimes having a negative connotation with fear and the unknown.

Bracelets include free shipping.
Standard (18-19cm)
Small (16-17cm)
Large (20-21cm)

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