About Us

Why Sandy Ripple Exists


     Imagine, just for a second - the sea turtle - a magnificent creature that has been around for more than 100 million years. It is incredibly docile and seems to live the most carefree life. That is, until you take a closer look. A look that takes you beneath the surface of our oceans and the sea turtle’s natural habitat. On the surface, our oceans seem like a place where any sea-going creature would like to call home. Unfortunately, mankind has treated our oceans as a dumping ground for all manner of waste and debris.

     The continuous dumping of trash and debris into our oceans is causing many creatures to become endangered, including the sea turtle. These creatures can’t speak for themselves, but they do have a voice; ours. Each and every one of us can speak up for these creatures and make a difference that could do more than save their lives, it could save their species.


How You Can Get Involved


     How can you help the sea turtle that seems to be half a world away in an immense ocean? The answer is as simple as the shirt on your back. Sandy Ripple is a company with a mission. We are working hard to do everything we can to prevent the extinction of the sea turtle by creating a line of stylish, comfortable clothing that features the ocean’s most vulnerable creatures. We are able to contribute to Sea Turtle Recovery with the sales made.

     For every purchase made with Sandy Ripple, we get one step closer to getting these beautiful creatures out of endangerment. You get clothing & accessories that you can feel good about wearing, and the sea turtles get a voice.

     When you wear your Sandy Ripple apparel, your friends, or even strangers will be intrigued and it might even strike a conversation. Many people are completely unaware that sea turtles are a vulnerable and critically endangered species as the result of poachers, marine debris and the dumping of waste into our oceans.

     We truly hope you're on our side, and become the voice the sea turtles need, helping to give them the best chance possible at a long and happy life.


A Charitable Cause


     Sandy Ripple donates ten percent of net profit to Sea Turtle Recovery.

Donations help rehabilitate sick and injured sea turtles, until they are healthy and ready to return into the ocean. Donations also help provide proper staffing, surgeries, and other treatments for sea turtles under care.


Building Relationships


     Your purchase doesn’t stop there. At Sandy Ripple we believe in more than just selling cute t-shirts, we want to build relationships with our customers as we build a community of like-minded people, empathetic to the plight of the sea turtle. Together, we can go from starting a ripple in the sand to causing a massive impact on saving the sea turtles as a whole.


Shop With Us Today


     When you shop with Sandy Ripple and find a piece in our collection that speaks to your personality and sense of style, you can help fund organizations who are committed to protecting sea turtles directly. We ultimately would love to prevent the turtles from entering extinction and seeing them move their way up from vulnerable and critically endangered to a lesser concern. By wearing your favorite Sandy Ripple shirts featuring a sea turtle and other apparel, you will bring awareness to others who may not have otherwise been exposed to what sea turtles encounter on a daily basis and who can join in the fight to save them.

     Just think, you just might be the ripple that forms into a great wave and without your help, these amazing creatures could potentially vanish from the face of this earth. Shop with us today and experience the quality and value of our clothing while doing something important for a creature who deserves our help most.


Becoming Educated


     We hope you continue to educate yourself, and spend some time reading up on sea turtles with the vast amount of value and information we provide in the sea turtle blog.


Meet The Founder 


     Hey, Im John. Growing up, sea turtles were always my favorite animal. But, with their numbers continuously dropping, I'm afraid that these beautiful creatures won't exist for future generations to see. So, my goal has become to build a community of like-minded people who feel the same and want to protect these animals, too. I went on a mission to find people with the same vision and started Sandy Ripple with their help. Someone can only do so much alone, but with our team and your support I truly believe we're able to make a huge difference.


Thank you for being here and being part of the movement! Share with a friend & Let's protect the turtles! 


John Bernabel